July 25, 2015

5 Reasons to See "It Shoulda Been You" on Broadway

Brooks Atkinson Theatre
May 24, 2015

Quick Synopsis: 

Rebecca Steinberg (Sierra Boggess) and Brian Howard (David Burtka) are about to get married, but not without a few obstacles to overcome, like religion, class, feuding mother-in-laws (Tyne Daly & Harriet Harris), scapegoat sisters (Lisa Howard), and ex-boyfriends (Josh Grisetti). As the two respective families come together for the nuptials, hilarity and shocking revelations ensue.

1.) The amazing cast. 

This production boasts the talents of many Broadway theatre veterans: Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Chip Zien to name just a few from an impressive list of actors. It’s quite a thrill to witness these actors share one Broadway stage, as well as see the respect with which they regard one another on stage. The cast is also comprised of many Broadway favorites like Sierra Boggess and Montego Glover and the musical is directed by none other than David Hyde Pierce. These names alone make the show worth checking out!

2.) LOL

This show does not merely elicit a chuckle here and there; it’s a laugh-out-loud kind of musical. If you don’t laugh out loud during this show, I can only conjecture that you are a terribly unhappy human being. On Broadway, there is a place for shows like Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, and then there is a place for It Shoulda Been You. If you want to temporarily relinquish life’s problems and laugh with reckless abandon, check out It Shoulda Been You. If you are in the mood for something dark or dramatic, go see Les Mis or Phantom.

3.) A rare original musical. 

As I’ve stated many times in this blog, it’s refreshing to see a musical that is not based on a movie, book, or some pre-existing story. While many wedding stories have been told on stage and on the small and big screens, this one is surely unique and presents a simple and subtle message that, fortunately, is not overly sermonizing.

4.) It rejects expectation. 

The buzz surrounding this musical has focused on its “surprises”, implying that the characters are not quite what they seem to be. Fortunately, I did not encounter any spoilers prior to seeing the show! I would agree that the story begins slowly and with a certain expectation, but then deviates from the expected course in the best way possible. Expect the unexpected!  

5.) Lisa Howard. 

What I like about Lisa Howard is that she was virtually unknown to me prior to her performance as Jenny (Rebecca’s reliable and sturdy sister), and this production really showcases her great talent, even earning her the opportunity to stand out at this year’s Tony Awards. As a plus-size actress who plays the “underdog”, the audience is undoubtedly rooting for her happiness. She is really the heart of the show. 

Check out It Shoulda Been You at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre before it closes on August 9!!

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