June 11, 2013


1.) BEST SPEECH- Billy Porter has waited so long for his perfect stage role, and watching him accept his first Tony Award was just the icing on the cake. Remember Stark, he’s keeping that Tony at his house. 

2.) BEST PRESENTER(S)- Jesse Tyler Ferguson (with Jane Krakowski) burst out with “Girl, you’re gonna have fun tonight” when he presented Cyndi Lauper with the Tony Award for Best Score. Very clever, JTF. And the audience went wild. 

3.) BEST DRESSED- Annaleigh Ashford 

4.) BEST PERFORMANCE- The Opening Number was by far the best performance of the evening with lots of laugh-out-loud-inducing lyrics. For example. 

“You could bounce a quarter off the ass of Billy Porter”. 

“Hats off to Berry Gordy, he runs Motown like a boss. He dominates Top 40 and he banged Diana Ross”. 

And to the Broadway kids, NPH sings, “Is there a Tony daycare where all of you go?... Do your parents set aside your Broadway dough”? 

“Can I have my Tom Hooper Les Mis close-up please? You see, on Broadway, we don’t need extreme close-ups to prove we’re singing live”. 

“If you win, have the time of your life, tell your manager, dad and your mom, thanks. Hi to your kids and your husband or wife, maybe just for the hell of it, Tom Hanks”. 

“Kathie Lee’s a Broadway lyricist so anything can happen”. 

In addition to the clever lyrics, Neil Patrick Harris was just phenomenal when you think about the limited rehearsal time. He didn’t stumble on a single word and he was full of energy. I see an Emmy win in NPH’s future! Bravo! 


Shout-outs to Cinderella for those seamless costume “transformations”. They were just as magical on TV as they were in person! More shout-outs to Matilda for including all of their principal actors and all four Matildas in their Tony performance. And finally, one last shout-out to Jane Lynch, who can actually sing pretty well. She is definitely scaring those “Little Girls” over at the Palace Theatre! 


  1. Good choices! I seriously loved everything about the Tony's this year! The opening number was definitely my favorite! And Billy Porter's speech...he was just so cute! So sad to have to wait another year for them!

  2. This year's Tonys were beyond incredible!! I've never seen a better awards show or a better way to celebrate "The Great White Way."

    Can we agree that this was the best post-Tonys moment, though: CBS Atlanta Tony Awards fail

    1. Agreed! They were amazing this year!

      LOL that clip is hilarious!!!!!!! Definitely the best post-Tonys moment hands-down.