September 17, 2012

Laura Osnes- Dream A Little Dream, Live at the Cafe Carlyle

Released: 9/14/12 on iTunes

After spending the past five years rising to Broadway stardom in shows like Grease, South Pacific, Anything Goes, and Bonnie and Clyde, Tony Award nominee Laura Osnes has released her debut solo album titled, Dream a Little Dream, Live at the Cafe Carlyle recorded June 28-30, 2012. The album also features Tom Wopat, Jeremy Jordan, and Nathan Johnson. 

With her crystalline and versatile voice, Laura Osnes is a rising star, likely to someday join the ranks of legends like Bernadette Peters and Patti LuPone. Her new album, which covers many beloved show tunes, does not disappoint her musical theatre fans. She has taken these beloved show tunes and really made them her own, all while making her singing appear effortless. This live recording showcases her enormous talent. 

One of my favorite songs from the album is “Till There Was You” from Meredith Wilson’s, The Music Man, and Laura’s flawless version may be my all-time favorite recording of this song. I also liked “Anything You Can Do”, a duet with Jeremy Jordan, which was very funny and charming. The song is reminiscent of their chemistry in the musical, Bonnie and Clyde.  

Other memorable songs were “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, which incorporated a recording of Laura singing the same song at age 12, and a duet with her husband, Nathan Johnson (“A Whole New World”). There is also a bonus track that gives listeners a little “sneak peek” into Laura’s newest Broadway show, Cinderella

The best part of this recording is that it allows you to hear a little piece of her story for the first time through dialogue and music. 

Anyone who loves musical theatre must add this album to their music collection!


  1. Nice! Good for her, It sounds like it's a great album!

    1. Her success is well-deserved! Thanks for commenting!

  2. And it all began on a reality TV show....I watched it because I always liked Grease. She stood out from the beginning. What ever happened to the guy who won?

    1. His name is Max Crumm. I think he has been in plays, but to my knowledge, he hasn't been back on Broadway.