March 18, 2012

"Beautiful Eyes" by Alice Ripley

There is no one else quite like Alice Ripley in this world. Anyone who saw her Tony award winning performance as the grieving, bipolar housewife Diana Goodman in Next to Normal knows that she is an exceptionally talented actress to say the least.  Alice gave 100% of herself to the portrayal of that character, and delivered an emotionally charged performance that will be talked about for years to come. 
Alice Ripley has given us another reason to love her with her new original single, “Beautiful Eyes” released on February 21.  “Beautiful Eyes” is a jazzy, story-telling number that could easily be mistaken for a showtune.  I can just see Alice back onstage at the Booth (or any theatre for that matter) with an orchestra pit in front of her and an ensemble of dancers behind her, performing this song. While the story and lyrics are a bit curious and will likely be interpreted differently by each individual, they are also quirky and kind of fun! The melodies are memorable and hummable, and will likely get stuck in your head (in a good way!). I love the sound of Alice’s voice in this song. It fits her voice so well.  After seeing her in Next to Normal twice and listening to the cast recording endless times, it’s also great to hear her sing something new, fresh, and original!  
The Verdict: Buy Alice Ripley’s new single, “Beautiful Eyes” on iTunes for just $0.99!!!! You will love it.  And let’s hope Alice puts out more singles!  

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  1. LOVEEEE Alice!!!! Can't wait to hear that single!!! :)
    I am positive she will put out more singles :)