February 26, 2012

Wednesday Matinee

Tune in to my friend Hayley's Broadway-themed radio show called "Wednesday Matinee" live from Providence College every Wednesday from 4-6pm. 

If you live in the Providence area, you can listen on 91.3 FM. If you live outside of the Providence area, you can catch it on iTunes at the link below! 

Click "listen" and then click "Launch 96kb AAC stream with local media player"

You can also call in a song request: (401)-865-2091

It's a great show! Check it out!   


  1. One day, I will actually be able to listen to it....Maybe I can figure out how to set a recorder in iTunes!

  2. I haven't seen that Beatles show Rain but it would be a pleasure to possibly hear a few numbers from that. I can tune in on Wednesday the 7th of March. There are a lot of great songs on the Rain set-list. And it is very possible you may get a call for some requests.